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I was reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s Living With A Wild God, and toward the end she suddenly starts talking about large predators. You aren’t sure at first what she’s getting at, but it soon becomes clear: The numerous gods that ancient humans feared and worshiped may have come about because humans at that time truly were surrounded by gods. Beasts like the American Lion (pictured above) are, to a human unprotected by cities or guns or the metallic shell of a Range Rover, gods. We shared the world with gods of terrible beauty and savage, mysterious power. They lurked outside the circle of light made by our fires. They had the power of life and death over us.

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Star Trek meets Hitchhiker’s Guide. Universes are colliding, Trek fans! Maybe it’s more appropriate to say that universes are dinging each others’ car doors in the parking lot, as this is just an offhand mention of an encounter with the Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast of Traal.

From Star Trek Archives: Volume 1, The Best of Peter David (IDW Publishing / Stories originally published by DC Comics)

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