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Cinematic Titanic: War of the Insects AKA Genocide(1968/2011)

The Cinematic Titanic team (Joel, Trace, Mary Jo, Josh and TV’s Frank) take on the weird, silly, and strangely depressing Genocide from the once-great studio Shochiku, and directed by Kazui Nihonmatsu, who also made the genuinely enjoyable The X From Outer Space (1968). It’s about bees taking over the earth by making a US Air Force plane carrying a hydrogen bomb crash in a Pacific island, and how war is bad and stuff. This was one of the last CT efforts, and although the live audience seems to enjoy the show a lot and the team are great as ever, the film itself is a morose, enervating shambles, with a grotesquely silly plot and a cast of annoying characters of whom only one or two are not sweaty, treacherous bastards. 

You can get your Cinematic Titanics from Amazon, where most are available as Amazon Instant Videos for $7.99, or on DVD for $10.99, although their swan song Rattlers (2012) is currently unavailable.

I was reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s Living With A Wild God, and toward the end she suddenly starts talking about large predators. You aren’t sure at first what she’s getting at, but it soon becomes clear: The numerous gods that ancient humans feared and worshiped may have come about because humans at that time truly were surrounded by gods. Beasts like the American Lion (pictured above) are, to a human unprotected by cities or guns or the metallic shell of a Range Rover, gods. We shared the world with gods of terrible beauty and savage, mysterious power. They lurked outside the circle of light made by our fires. They had the power of life and death over us.

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